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  • 1. A Plea for a Future
  • Professor Fred Lachotzki has formally ended his position as professor of Corporate Strategy at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. His valedictory speech was entitled "A Plea for a future" ("Een Pleidooi voor een toekomst").


    Length: 1.34.08
  • 2. Board Effectiveness
  • In this video, Prof. Lachotzki outlines his three-pronged approach to the issue of board effectivness, involving output, input and enablers. Simply put, the output produced by an effective board is a successful company, but that overriding objective can be further broken down into good products/services, superior return on capital and both strategic and stakeholder alignment. The input to this output is primarily people, who from top to bottom must feel the proper responsibility for the roles with which they have been entrusted. To achieve that desired output they make use of enablers, also three: fitness criteria (which can be long-term or short/medium-term), the leadership team and strategy. Having established this logically-structured framework for the question of board effectiveness, Prof. Lachotzki provides much of the details and definitions to provide a fuller picture.


    download PowerPoint Framework Board effectiveness

    Length: 3.47
  • 3. Pracademic
  • “Pracademic” - That term denoted someone who combines the activities and mind-sets of a business practitioner and an academic. Prof. Lachotzki has been one since beginning his working life, and here he carefully defines how the term necessarily involves a life of parallel careers which makes possible influences from each other which make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

    Length: 2.12
  • 4. Leading Beyond Control
  • Those tasked with leading large organizations will always be faced with the challenge of control over their subordinates on one hand, versus the freedom they need to innovate. Prof. Lachotzki's explains here his paradigm of “leading beyond control” which enables business success precisely by giving up rigid control, in favor of “fitness criteria” that loosely guide an organization's managers.

    Length: 1.07
  • 5. Transcountable Company
  • “Transcountable” means transparent and accountable, two qualities that modern organizations must strive for. Fortunately, modern technology, particularly the Internet, now allows the sort of measuring that can ensure that they can become that, without any surprises for top management, mainly through posing four key questions to executives.

    Length: 2.20
  • 6. Exota Affair
  • A long-running scandal concerning the alleged slander of a Netherlands drinks manufacturer for selling dangerous bottles is finally ruled upon by a Dutch court, resulting in almost 8 million guilders in damages ordered to be paid to the company. (In Dutch)

    Length: 0.48
  • 7. The O'Lacy's Brand
  • International businesswoman Isabelle O'Lacy pioneered the concept of an international “private label” brand of food products made of the finest quality foodstuffs but still some 20% cheaper than “A-label” brands due to omission of sales and advertising costs. Fred Lachotzki was key in implementing this unique branding concept and line of products worldwide.

    Length: 4.38
  • 8. The Secrets of Store brand Success
  • This brief video from the Private Label Manufactuers' Association features an extract of an interview with Fred Lachotzki on what is required to make a private label program really work.

    Length: 1.37
  • 9. Excerpt from Speech in Honor of Joop van den Ende
  • Prof. Lachotzki delivered the keynote address in the fall of 2012 when the noted Dutch entertainment tycoon and theater/TV producer Joop van den Ende was awarded an honorary doctorate at Nyenrode. In it, he traced Van den Ende's long career as a media entrepreneur, his impact on the Dutch cultural landscape and the reflection his undertakings and leadership have within the broader view of the functions of the company which is a fundamental principle of Nyenrode's business philosophy.

    Length: 7.52
  • 10. Corporate Strategy - The Global Option
  • Corporate Strategy - The Global Option

    Length: 57.43
  • 11. Ets Haim
  • Fascinating project: how 700 year old jewish manuscripts are digitized and published online. 

    Length: 3.36