I found Beyond Control fascinating, describing so well what is in my view absolutely required.

Ben Verwaayen


What people say about the book Beyond Control

Within three weeks we were able to diagnose our organization.
Jan Bennink

"The book has an extraordinary story to tell. Use the Internet to run an ongoing dialogue between CEO and employees? That's radical thinking. Before the digital revolution it would have been impossible. It's still impossible to chief executives with a command and control mindset. But in an age when transparency has suddenly taken on bottom-line importance, CEOs that have the courage to manage with tools like these may find that they have results to justify their openness."
John Deighton, Professor, Harvard Business School

"I found the book Beyond Control fascinating, describing so well what is in my view absolutely required in today’s management of large, complex organizations that operate on a global scale. It will transform the way CEOs see their role. It will also create a huge debate, from boardroom to the academic world. "
Ben Verwaayen, former CEO Alcatel-Lucent

""The authors rightly strive to bring the discussion back to where it belongs, namely the questions of reach and effectiveness." "
Morris Tabaksblat, former CEO Unilever

"Highly innovative and globally validated. Practically proven in a number of high-level CEO and CXO situations, not only theory: it really works. Would improve alignment of strategy with execution in charge of enterprises if seriously applied. Could be an important book."
Peter J.S. Korsten, Executive Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, EMEA Partner Strategy & Change

What people say about the process of Leading Beyond Control

"Within three weeks the digital capability scan was able to diagnose Numico's organization and compare us with the outside world. The results were presented at our annual Top 180 offside where workshops were organized. That yielded actionable project plans with improvement initiatives."
Jan Bennink, Chairman DE Masterblenders 1753

"The intense dialogue I have through the Organizational Capability process with my managament and talent contributes directly to the implementation of my strategic agenda."
Peter Bakker, former CEO TNT

"Since 2000 our annual Organizational Capability research had provided us with input to set and prioritise our startegic HRM agenda. It allows us to 'close the gaps' and at the same time monitor the effectiveness of our improvement programs."
Herman Bouman, former Member of the Board, Sara Lee/DE